About Tat Ming

Tat Ming Technology Co. Ltd. is a sister company of Tat Ming Engineering Co. Ltd. It was established in the new millenium to build high technology injection moulding and blow moulding machines that are sturdy and reliable, a trademark of Tat Ming.

At Tat Ming, we build machines to last. Our designs are based on sound engineering principles, not dictated by the drive to reduce cost. We place special emphasis on quality, in incoming material, during machine assembly and in the final tests. We have obtained ISO 9001 certification in August 2001.

Customer service is one of our strengths. In pre-sale activities, we help new comers into the injection moulding field select machines and auxiliary equipment. In post-sale service, we communicate to our customers world-wide to diagnose their problems.

Our factory in Dong Guan, China, is staffed by experienced supervisors and technicians who are encouraged to constantly improve themselves as well as product quality.

Our warehouses in Dong Guan and Hong Kong are well-stocked with spare parts for immediate delivery.

The Tat Ming motto is ‘Different by Design’. Please go through our products to find out yourself.

Our Products

  • The TME series is our toggle clamped flagship series. It is characterized by a superior specification in its clamping unit, especially maximum mould height and opening stroke.
  • The ME series is also toggle clamped. It is a compatible series to the ME series designed in the late 1980’s. It is also a low-cost series.
  • The MA series is hydraulic clamped. The evenness in clamping force at the tiebars is its chief feature. This series is made up of compact machines.
  • The above TME series, ME series and MA series are general-purpose machines.
  • The PET series caters to the injection moulding of PET preforms.
  • The CAP series is dedicated to the injection moulding of bottle caps.
  • The Acc series is designed to make thin-wall parts.
  • The TMD series makes 2-component parts that are small.
  • The 5Gal series makes 5-gallon preforms using two moulds to double productivity.
  • The 2TME series make standard parts using two moulds to double productivity.
  • iPM is a digital power meter to measure energy consumption.

Our History

Tat Ming started as a mechanics workshop in Hong Kong before the second world war. Under the leadership of two brothers Mr. Tong Yiu and Mr. Tong Chuen, both graduated from Hong Kong Technical College in Hung Hom, the predecessor of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the company has grown. Printing machines and drawing presses were among the products at that time.

A restored printing machine, in working order

Drawing presses

In 1957, Tat Ming introduced the first injection moulding machine in Hong Kong in an exhibition at a booth by Yuken, the Japanese hydraulic component company. The clamping unit is manually powered.

Mr. and Mrs. Tong Yiu at right and Mr. Li Hon Chuen at the press

Plastic flowers and kitchen wares were popular at that time. Business has grown so much that new factories were established one after another, so are new machine models.

Mr. Tong Yiu with Star A boss Mr. Leung Chi Hang and his product

An early model with a plasticizing unit separate from the injection unit. The screw is turned by an electric motor through a gear box.

A later model from the TMI series uses in-line injection

Subsequently, a hydraulic motor turns the screw

Two-colour machines were also introduced

A sister company was established to make small injection moulding machines

The above machine under construction in the Kwun Tong factory

The relay controlled TM16

In 1987, programmable logic controller was introduced to enhance the control

In 1994, the factory was moved to She Kou, Shenzhen, China as Lida

In 2000, the factory was moved to Chang An, Dong Guan

In 2013, the factory was moved to Da Lang, Dong Guan

A former Tat Ming employee at the DMP2007 exhibition, next to the historic picture

In 2017, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of our first injection moulding machine

Hong Kong, Office

Tat Ming Technology Co. Ltd.
Unit 919, Tower A, Regent Centre
63 Wo Yi Hop Road
Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong

Tel : (852) 2790-4633
Fax : (852) 2797-8774

Dong Guan, Factory

Tat Ming Engineering (Dong Guan) Ltd.
8 Jia Yuan Road
Xiang Shan Industry Zone
Song Mu Shan Village
Da Lang Town
Dong Guan City
Guang Dong, China
Postal Code 523795

Tel: (86) (769) 8920 9288
Fax: (86) (769) 8920 9266

Work With Us

We welcome customization of injection moulding machines to fit your needs. This includes uncommon combination of injection and clamping units, and designing screws optimized to a particular resin. Send us a request if our standard series do not meet your requirement.

We partner with first-time and mature businesses in their manufacturing processes.