Tat Ming Technology is a leader in the injection moulding industry.

Grounded in engineering research and design, using quality parts and materials, and expert craftsmanship, Tat Ming Technology is a leader in the injection moulding machine industry.

Customization for your needs

We welcome customization of injection moulding machines to fit your needs. This includes uncommon combination of injection and clamping units, and designing screw optimized to a particular resin.

World-wide service

Based in Hong Kong and Dong Guan, Tat Ming Technology welcomes both veterans and newcomers in the field of injection moulding. Beyond our technical articles and catalog of injection moulding machines, we also offer our customers world-wide technical support to ensure maximum uptime. We have found being able to communicate clearly with customer’s technical person in English is very effective in diagnosing machine and process problems.

Highest Production Standards

Over 60 years of design, manufacture, and support experience

Best-in-Class Customer Service

We also provide world-wide technical support via email, Whatsapp, WeChat and Skype to ensure maximum uptime.

Work With Us

We partner with first-time and mature businesses in your manufacturing processes.