Acc Series

The Acc series is tailored to make thin-wall parts.

Thin Wall

To save on material or weight or space, parts are made as thin as their mechanical strengths allow. Disposable items are also made as thin as possible.

The Acc series of injection moulding machine is designed to make thin-wall parts, small and big.

SD card case 

Disposable thin-wall containers and lids 

How thin? 

Some say less than 1 mm is thin, but this would be too thick for SD card case. 

A more accurate measure is the L/t ratio, which is flow length divided by wall thickness. When L/t > 150, we are in the thin-wall domain. We shall use this measure to determine if the Acc series is needed. 


In thin-wall moulding, filling the cavities completely during injection is not easy. 

Simply said, a high injection speed is needed to fill all the cavities before the thin flow path is frozen. Injection time is 400 mm/s or more. Injection time less than 0.5 s is a must. 

More accurately, a high acceleration and a high deceleration are also needed to get up to speed fast and to stop immediately when the cavities are full. 


An accumulator is a device to provide the high acceleration and speed of the screw. It stores up pressurized oil and releases it to the injection cylinders during injection. The burst of oil flow is much higher than even a turbo pump could provide. The accumulator is refilled with pressurized oil when not injecting. Acc is the short form of accumulator.

To stop precisely, a fast-scanning controller observes the screw position to close the injection valve immediately. A fast response valve is used. It is called a servo valve.

The single injection cylinder design reduces the mass to accelerate and decelerate. It is the preferred design for thin-wall moulding. 



For small thin-wall parts, the Acc50/30 and TME50/54 Acc are recommended. Both are based on the TME50 clamping unit. 

The Acc50/30 has screw diameters at 16, 18 and 20 mm. Its PS shot weight is 11 g, 13 g and 16 g. The single injection cylinder design is used. 


Acc50/30 injection unit. Note the accumulator and the servo valve at top. The single injection cylinder design is used. There are two carriage cylinders. 

The TME50/54 has screw diameter at 22 mm.  Its PS shot weight is 27 g. It uses the MA23 injection unit which has two injection cylinders. 

TME50/54 Acc 


For bigger parts, choose the TME110 Acc and ME150 Acc. They are TME110 and ME150 added with accumulator and other thin-wall features. The injection unit has two injection cylinders. 

Accumulator and servo valve added to TME110 to become TME110 Acc 


Currently, only Acc200 is available. Food containers could be made on Acc200 using 2 + 2 stack moulds. It uses the single injection cylinder design which improves acceleration and deceleration. 


Part size/Clamping force  Single injection cylinder  Two injection cylinders 
Small  Acc50/30  TME50/54 Acc 
Medium    TME110 Acc, ME150 Acc 
Large  Acc200   

Selection guide for Acc models 


HS stands for high speed. HS200 is like Acc200 but without accumulator, servo valve and high speed controller. It is to make food container lids which are easier to make than containers. It provides a lower price point vs Acc200. 

HS200 is driven by a fast response servomotor. Injection speed of 326 mm/s can be reached at low injection pressure. 


在生产中的 Acc200 注射单元, Injection unit of Acc200 in operation

Acc200 生产两腔大盘,2-cavity bowls made by Acc200

ME150 Acc 生产薄壁饭盒,ME150 Acc making food containers

Acc200 生产四腔杯子,4-cavity cups made by Acc200

Acc200 生产两腔高杯子长片段,2-cavity tall cups made by Acc200 long clip

Acc200 生产两腔高杯子短片段,2-cavity tall cups made by Acc200 short clip

Acc200 生产两腔饭盒盖, 2-cavity lids made by Acc200


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