TME (50 – 550 tons)

The TME series is toggle clamped. It is characterized by a superior specification in its clamping unit, especially maximum mould height and opening stroke. It is suited to stack moulds and T-moulds.

General Purpose

High specifications and reliability are the design objectives of the TME series, the flagship series
of Tat Ming.

Tiebar clearance, maximum mould height, opening stroke, ejection stroke were designed like
European and Japanese models’. As a result, the TME series (based on servomotors) is ideal for
replacing these models which are not energy-saving (based on fixed displacement pumps)

If clamping force is not limiting, a smaller model than Chinese competitor’s is sufficient to take
up your moulds.

Big tiebar clearance

The screws were designed 10% longer than the competition so that colour and temperature
evenness are improved.

From a clamping force of 50 to 350 tons, the platens of the TME series are made of steel plate. Unlike casting platens, there are no holes or cracks that would cause them to break.

Steel platens

Reliability is our middle name. Tat Ming machines have been known to be still producing after 20 years.

Significant energy saving can be achieved if the Yuken ASR series of servomotor is chosen.

Special Purpose – 5-gallon pails

The TME350 was designed to make 5-gallon pails 360 mm high. Our solution beats the competition. Contact us for details.

5-gallon bucket and lid

Video clips of T-mould in operation

Cigarette lighter package, 打火机包装盒

EVA parts, EVA 件

Motor car parts, 汽车零件

Utensils, 餐具

Utensils, 餐具


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