ME Series (100 – 650 tons)

The ME IV series is also toggle clamped. It is compatible to the ME series designed in the late 1980’s. It is a low-cost series.

General Purpose

The ME series was designed in the 1980’s but has been proven to be very reliable. We kept the
clamping units and improved on the injection units.

The old moulds of our customers could still fit. The injection units are shared with those of the TME series.

It provides a low cost alternative to our TME series.

Daikin IPMP and Yuken ASE servomotors are used in the ME-S series.

Special Purpose – LSR parts

The ME150-LSR machine is designed for making Liquid Silicon Rubber parts like nipples. It can take a nipple mould with 8 cavities.

Nipple made of LSR material

The LSR screw and barrel of ME150-LSR

Work With Us

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