2TME Series

3 Models:
– 2TME66, 2TME123, 2TME178
– 4 injection units for each model
– LSR (Liquid silicon rubber) injection units available

Suited to thick parts and parts with long cooling/curing time and holding pressure time.

Dual Mould

Dual Moulds for thick-wall parts

The dual-mould technology is developed to inject mould thick-wall parts with long holding pressure and cooling time. It is also suitable to make LSR (liquid silicon rubber) parts that have long curing time.

Convex lenses are an example of thick-wall parts. Nipples on baby bottles are an example of LSR parts.

Thick-walled lenses made of PMMA

LSR nipple

Double productivity

Dual-mould technology has been patented by Tat Ming. Injection moulding machines using this technology has two clamping units which take two moulds making parts in staggered processes. The long holding pressure and cooling time of one mould is utilized to process the other mould. When wall thickness is more than 6 mm, productivity could be doubled.

By the same token, LSR parts with a curing time longer than half the cycle time, productivity is also doubled. LSR is a thermoset material. Instead of being cooled in the mould, it is heat set. The curing time of thermoset material is like the cooling time of thermoplastic material. During curing, the molecules in the material cross link and solidify. This is a chemical process as well as a thermal process, both of which are slow.

Only one screw and barrel is used. For thermoplastic machines, there are two holding pressure devices. LSR machines do not use holding pressure devices.

The screw serves only one mould at a time. The heat loss of the barrel heaters is less than that of a barrel double the shot weight on a standard machine. The residence time of the material in the barrel is halved which is an advantage for clear parts.

The same technology is used in the 5-gallon preform machines, the 5Gal series.

Four models

There are 3 thermoplastic models and one LSR model.

All models use direct hydraulic clamp. The tie bar clearance is large like the toggle-clamped TME series. The series is therefore named 2TME. Each model has 6 tie bars.

Moulds that fit into TME75, TME150 and TME200 could be used in 2TME66, 2TME123, 2TME178 respectively.

The 2TME series has three clamping forces at 66 tons, 123 tons and 178 tons. There are 6 choices of injection units with screw diameter from 33 mm to 64 mm.

Injection units are taken from the TME series. For example, -50 means the injection unit is taken from TME50. There are 3 choices of screw with each injection unit. The B screw is shown in the table above.

The LSR model is 2TME66-LSR. It has a 33 mm screw. Its specifications are like that of 2TME66-50 but has a shorter screw and without barrel heating. It can take a 62 mm wide mouth nipple mould at 8 cavities.

Clamping units




Injection units

B screw diameter


33 mm


37 mm

37 mm


43 mm

43 mm

43 mm


49 mm

49 mm

49 mm


56 mm

56 mm


64 mm

Clamping force and injection unit/B screw diameter combinations

2TME123 and iPM

2TME123 uncovered, showing two clamping units

Two types of PET preforms were made in an exhibition in 2019. Energy consumption is 0.19 kWh/kg of preforms.

The barrel of 2TME66-LSR is chilled, not heated


Making PET preforms,生产两种 PET 瓶坯

From machine to peripherals,2TME123 与周边设备

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