CAP DP Series

From 24 to 48 cavities

Dual pumps allow ejection-on-the-fly (ejection during mould opening), injection during lockup, dual-pump injection and dual-pump charging

Fixed displacement pump version for cycle time below 5 s

Servomotor based version for cycle time at 8 s


The CAP DP series uses dual-pump technology to reduce cycle time. It is based on semi-closed loop hydraulics and fixed displacement pump technology to improve precision and speed of response.

The dual pumps allow parallel motions: eject-on-the-fly, injection starts at lockup, dual-pump charging and dual-pump injection.

Eject-on-the-fly ejects the caps during mould opening. It effectively hides the ejection time in the mould opening time.

Lockup is the final stage of the clamping process in which clamping force is built up. Injection is started early to hide the lockup time within injection time.

Once the mould is locked up, both pumps are available for charging or for injection. Charging time and injection time are reduced.

Proportional flow valve is used in the clamping unit to provide braking in mould opening and closing. Mould motion is fast and smooth.

The CAP DP can make 29/25 caps in 4 s cycle time. In 2020, 32-cavity and 48-cavity 29/25 cap moulds are popular.

1.3 g 29/25 caps produced at 4 s cycle time

CAP32 DP with a 32-cavity mould

We recommend the pilfer proof rings of the caps cut by a slitting machine in a subsequent process. This way, the cap mould has no sliders and is more reliable.

A conveyor takes caps from a CAP32 DP into a slitting machine. After slitting, another conveyor takes the slit caps into a carton.

The CAP DP-S uses servomotor drives to save on energy. It is suitable for making utensils at 8 s cycle time but not shorter which would have overloaded the drives.

CAP48 DP-S is driven by two servomotors one of which is outside the machine frame

The following table is a selection guide. The various series have different cycle times, energy-saving levels and applications. X means not applicable.

The CAP series is to make thicker caps with cycle time more than 10 s. It is also suited to making utensils.

The CAP DP-S is suited to making utensils at a shorter cycle time like 8 s.

The CAP DP is suited to mass produce thin water bottle caps at a cycle time as low as 4 s.





Number of pumps



Cycle time

>= 10 s

4 – 8 s

8 – 10 s

Drive technology

Semi-closed loop hydraulics + fixed displacement pump

Semi-closed loop hydraulics + fixed displacement pump


Energy-saving option

Variable displacement pump



Most energy-saving option

Servomotor drive


Servomotor drives


Sports caps,
Unscrewed caps,
5-gallon caps,
1 mm thick parts

Mass produced water bottle caps

< 1 mm thick parts

Cycle time and energy saving and applications selection guide


CAP32 DP 生产 1.3 g 瓶盖,CAP32 DP making 1.3 g caps

5加仑瓶盖装垫片及阀门,Liner and valve insertion into 5-gallon caps

32 腔捷飞特瓶盖模具,32-cavity Gefit cap mould

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