CAP Series

From 16 to 80 cavities for 30 mm neck finish

For thick caps above 8 s cycle time

Servomotor based to save energy

Also useful to make disposable utensils like forks

Caps and Utensils

28-30 mm diameter caps

55 mm diameter 5-gallon bottle cap

48-cavity forks

The CAP series was developed to make caps and utensils. The series make bottle caps big and small, which use HDPE or PP materials. The series is also suitable to make disposable utensils, like forks, which use similar materials.

There are 6 models in the series. The number after CAP designates the number of cavities it can handle. CAP16 means it takes a 30 mm diameter cap mould at 16 cavities. Similarly, CAP48 takes a fork mould at 48 cavities.

Parts about 1 mm thick and cycle time about 10 s can be made by the CAP series too.

Tiebar clearance is sizeable to accommodate multiple-cavity moulds. Bottle caps are threaded and are force ejected. The ejection force was designed with this in mind.

The screw has a length to diameter ratio L/D of 22 to improve colour mixing and temperature evenness. The screw motor is optimized for HDPE and PP.

The basic design uses semi-closed loop hydraulics plus fixed displacement pump to improve precision. To save energy, the variable displacement pump or servomotor option can be chosen.

CAP16 being finished



模外切防盗环,Slitting the pilfer-proof rings out of the mould


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